Our mission

We believe groundbreaking technologies can help resolve the big challenges the world is facing and can improve our lives.

Our mission is to bring the most promising, unique and groundbreaking new technologies to the market in their optimal business model in order to deliver the impact these technologies deserve.



Our target

We invest in technology start-ups and scale-ups that build their business model around unique and differentiating technologies which address a clear customer need in the market. We target companies that have developed a commercially viable product and are generating first revenues and which are seeking ways to accelerate their growth, optimise their business model and in time want to roll-out internationally. Our typical investments are up to €5m over the investment period but we don't limit ourselves to that amount.



Our proposition

We are in the business of technology investments because we believe in its disruptive potential. We are convinced we are the perfect partner for ventures that want to get most out of their technology. Our model is unique in the market and sets us apart from other investment funds:

  • We are a privately funded company with an undefined investment horizon. This means we can take decisions quickly and are not limited by any pre-set fund criteria and can maintain our investment position as long as we deem valuable.
  • Our team has a unique set of skills, expertise and international network which are directly at the disposal  of our investment companies. As a team we can provide a huge accelerator to groundbreaking and unique technologies.
  • We have a lean and fit-for-purpose operating model: we add value where it makes a difference and leave room for the venture to flourish where possible.