Our focus

We focus on companies that build their competitive advantage on unique and groundbreaking technologies. For these companies the key challenge is not only to be the first to market, but rather to understand how to apply this unique technology in a business model that fulfils market needs and that drives a scalable business. Within this context we focus on three core technology domains.


Exploding data availability combined with rapidly increasing processing power and advanced algorithms unlock possibilities unseen before. Our focus is on unique and (patent) protected solutions building on these developments, including

  • Deep learning
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Data storage, protection and transmission

Smart mobility

Our society is becoming increasingly mobile, both in terms of individual mobility as well as transportation of goods. New technologies provide solutions to this challenge. Our focus is on improving convenience, capacity and efficiency of these flows, including

  • Autonomous driving
  • Drones technology
  • Mobility management
  • Clean and energy efficient mobility 

Advanced Manufacturing

Technology is rapidly entering the manufacturing domain. Robotics and 3D printing drastically change the workflow. In addition advanced computing techniques improve manufacturing processes. Key areas of focus in this domain include

  • Advanced manufacturing tools like 3D printing and Robotics
  • Innovative materials and nano-technology
  • ICT supported manufacturing (eg. block chain, big data, IoT)
  • Supply chain security and traceability